The Boomer population now around age 65 may still be driving and hate bicyclists, but lets look ahead 10 years…

“…in 10 or 15 years, it will be a different story, and all those slow-walking aging boomers will want those bump-outs, the slower traffic, the safer intersections that a real Vision Zero delivers. Instead of using seniors as a political football, we should be keeping our eye on the longer game.”

LLOYD ALTER  September 25, 2018

Why aging boomers need walkable cities more than convenient parking

The fundamental issue in America is that almost anywhere they try to implement Vision Zero, almost everyone in those cities drives. They aren’t willing to be slowed down, they object, and the politicians refuse to do anything that’s going to make drivers angry.

There is no question that people with disabilities who can drive should be accommodated. But when one looks at the health benefits that come from walking, it’s pretty clear that wider sidewalks and bike lanes (which actually make sidewalks safer) are better for people of every generation.

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