Must Bicyclists Stop At At Intersections?

On our wish list for New Jersey!  It works in Idaho (the “Idaho Stop”), and has been adopted in Delaware with no increase in injuries or fatalities. “Bicyclists get killed at intersections,” testified cyclist Joe Thompson. “Anything you can do to spend less time at intersections is warranted.”

By Lee Davidson

For cyclists, red lights soon may not mean stop — but rather slow, look and go if clear


Bicyclists would be able to legally roll through stop signs and red lights — if the intersection is clear — under legislation approved by the House Transportation Committee 10-1 Thursday and sent on its way to the full House.

HB161 would allow bicyclists to treat stop signs like yield signs, and red lights like stop signs. Moss said most bicyclists already do that because it is actually safer, allowing them to keep up some momentum to quickly clear intersections when possible.

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