The Atlantic: Bike Lane Design Bible

The Design Bible That Changed How Americans Bike in Cities

A movement has brought safer bicycle lanes to the United States. But it took a manual to spread them.


How did the protected bike lane suddenly become common in America? Advocates will tell you it was the result of stalwart activism. And trailblazing, politically daring transportation officials did play a part in bringing better bike lanes to the nation. But the spread of bike lanes to so many corners of the country couldn’t have happened without a simple, ordinary technology: a set of street-design standards, written down in a book so that less daring engineers didn’t have to blaze their own trails anew.

2 Replies to “The Atlantic: Bike Lane Design Bible”

  1. So the “take the lane” approach is for more bold and skilled riders. That makes sense. The rest of us are waiting patiently for protected bike lanes. I would DEFINITELY ride in protected lanes. That manual is a must read!!!

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