Success! Thanks to your collective efforts, we were able to get S2894 posted for a vote by the Senate Budget Committee!
The committee scheduled a new session for Dec 14th.

Improve Driver Education in New Jersey with SB 2894!


Let the Senate Budget Committee know that now is the time to vote on making our roads safer for bike riders and pedestrians in New Jersey! Click here to send a message to the committee.

In a state that typically ranks near the top in bike rider and pedestrian road fatalities, education of new drivers is critical to safer roads. But our legislators continue to ignore the fact that almost a third of those killed on our roads in 2016 were either walking or riding a bicycle. Our legislators’ track record in the current legislative session for doing anything for vulnerable road users is abysmalBut here is a last chance for them!

Senate bill S2894 requires the state’s driver education course, driver’s education manual, and the driver’s license written exam to include cyclist and pedestrian safety information. This education is urgently needed, as too many drivers do not know the law, and educating new drivers is a start to fixing this problem.
Urge Senator Paul Sarlo, the Senate Budget Committee Chair, to call for a vote on S2894 in this legislative session by clicking on the link and sending him a note.


A similar bill passed the State Assembly unanimously in January 2017, but so far, the Senate Budget Committee refuses to vote on this bill. And time is running out!


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