Strong Towns: The Big Urban Mistake: Building for Tourism vs. Livability

The Big Urban Mistake: Building for Tourism vs. Livability

Schenectady’s pedestrian-only Jay Street is filled with small business owners that cater to both the downtown residents and visiting shoppers.  A casino just opened less than a mile away.  What impact will it have on an already thriving downtown?

This is a remarkably accurate description of Asbury Park on a smaller scale. We’re not building casinos but we are heavily investing in waterfront development. Will it pay off in the long term? For the moment AP is the biggest economic driver in Monmouth County. We want the city to continue to develop while nurturing the people and businesses who invested first and continue to do so.
Please take note City leaders:

“Choose to invest in your residents and local business owners—the people that invested first. Tourism, development and financial success will likely follow. Empower your people, honor the risk they took by taking one yourself, and like happy employees of a strong company, they will take care of everything else.”

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