Designing A Transit Village

Last summer Asbury Park was granted a Transit Village designation and the city will be continuing to invite community input. The city of Compton had a wonderful “methodology to help it’s residents and stakeholders explore their own lived experiences, needs, and identity to develop community based solutions for the station area.”

Empowered Through Design: How a Purposefully Rudimentary Activity Sparks the Imagination

Memory can be an intensely powerful tool when planning for the future.
August 16, 2018 James Rojas

Building imaginary station area dioramas with objects actively engaged participants in the design process, rather than leaving it all up to the experts. Participants were able to communicate, illustrate, and negotiate ideas with others that would have been difficult by using existing maps and words alone. In fact, maps would have limited the creative, brainstorming process and would have appealed to people who can read maps. The object’s tactile, visual, and spatial elements gave participants, especially the elders, the opportunity to quickly test their ideas and design interventions with others. Through this process, new ideas emerged and developed with the help of others. In a short period of time the scenarios begin to take form and fill out the tabletops.

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