Traffic Signals Prioritize Cars

We’ve been publishing articles about traffic signaling (Like LBIs and LPIs) which has hopefully been enlightening for readers .  This article explains signaling further, and with Barcelona as an example the subject is interesting, and even beautiful. Cities say that they want to prioritize walkers and bicyclists, but traffic engineers are still designing for cars…will Asbury Park develop as a city designed for all users and not just cars?  We think so!

How traffic signals favour cars and discourage walking

David Levinson

The settings on traffic lights make pedestrians wait longer by giving higher priority to vehicle traffic.”Traffic signals give priority to motor vehicles over pedestrians. This inequality undermines many of the stated goals of transport, health and environment policy.State and city governments say they want to encourage walking and biking for many reasons:

  • it is space efficient
  • it has less environmental impact
  • it is healthier
  • it is safer for other travellers
  • it reduces the numbers of cars on the road, so even motorists should be in favour of other people walking.

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