Invisible Bike Riders

A street is truly “complete” when it accommodates the “invisible” community members for whom a bike is their only transportation choice – a cheap, low-tech tool to get to work and daily life.

It’s odd that biking is such a politically charged and polarizing topic when so many people across the country are just using bikes as a simple, cheap way to get to work. These folks don’t have a lot of choice about what style of bike to ride or which trail they’ll take. Bikes are their main mode of transportation so they make do with what’s around.


9 Things Drivers Need to Stop Saying in the Bikes vs. Cars Debate

“Our roads are already heavily tilted in favor of cars. Yet drivers seem to hate the idea of being slightly inconvenienced so that other modes of transport might be safer and more appealing. Pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit users have been incredibly inconvenienced for decades, all so automobiles could get where they’re going a bit faster. Redesigning streets is not a “war” against cars. It’s just acknowledgment that they don’t have to be the only thing on the road.”

9 Things Drivers Need to Stop Saying in the Bikes vs. Cars Debate


An invitation! Photo Ops


We’re looking for photos of things you like about cities where you live, work or visit. We will hope to use some of them in a future project and event. Take some shots of bike lanes, crosswalks, and spaces for people. People moving about the city on bikes, feet, wheelchairs, or other conveyances– kids, elderly, people with pets. Pics of parks you like and the ways they’re used. The scenarios are endless. Trees are budding and flowers are starting to bloom, more people are out and about so there’s tons of inspiration! Share your pics here, or email to You can contact us there as well. We are so grateful for your support. Looking forward to your contributions!

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