If You Build It They Will Come

“Cycling is like a piece of magic: It only has advantages.”

“Biking saves medical costs since biking contributes to people’s overall physical activity levels, and getting sufficient physical activity prevents against many noncommunicable diseases, including obesity, Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and some types of cancers,” Dr. Carlijn Kamphuis, the study’s lead author, wrote in an email exchange.

Frans Jan van Rossem, Utrecht’s head of bicycle programming, put it another way. “Our revenue is healthy people, less traffic and beautiful living,” he said.

The project’s cost, $48 million, was paid not just by the municipality, but also by the region and the national train service, which recognizes that increasing the availability of bike parking leads to an increase in riders.

Utrecht, like many other European cities, spent several postwar decades trying to make automobile use easier.

The effort included building a four-lane highway over centuries-old canals, making space for parked cars on its narrow cobblestone streets, and planning for a highway that was to cross the medieval city’s cathedral square.

Decades later, the concept of progress looks quite different.


We need you! Interactive map-Identify problem streets and intersections

Only 1 month before Asbury Park will analyze problem streets and intersections,  We need your input!

Existing Conditions Analysis Complete – October 2017!

We hope you will take a few minutes to indicate the streets and intersections you think need attention on the interactive map on the link below.  You can also see where others have made their observations.


“The City of Asbury Park was awarded a Local Technical Assistance grant from the NJ Department of Transportation to conduct a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for the City on April 18, 2017.  NJDOT assigned consultant WSP to lead the development of the plan.  Steering committee meetings, focus groups, public meetings and a public input “WikiMap” are the community outreach efforts for the project.  The goal is to produce a comprehensive plan for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure that is achievable and serves ALL residents of the Asbury Park community – all ages and abilities.”

Provide your input here:

WikiMap Community Input



Just Plain Common Sense With A Bias Towards Humans

An extrapolation of the Schrödinger’s Cat thought experiment / paradox


  • Schrödinger’s Road Space
  • Taking Away Space From Cars While Giving Them More Space At The Same Time …
  • Leaving Even More Urban Space For …
  • Housing, Parks, Plazas & Much More …(claiming that) It’s That Simple  

Asbury Park Bike Registration Program!

Asbury Park PD Launches Bicycle Registration Program

Database will feature contact info, photo of bike and registration number

By Michelle Gladden
“In light of the recent rash of stolen bicycles in the city, the Asbury Park Police Department has launched a free, voluntary online bicycle registration campaign,” Deputy Chief David Kelso said in a written statement. “This campaign will allow city residents to voluntarily register their bicycles online.”

Asbury Park PD Launches Bicycle Registration Program

World Champion cyclist says, “riding a bike on UK roads feels too dangerous for me”

Former cycling world champion, who is cycling and walking commissioner for Greater Manchester is avoiding riding on Britain’s roads because he feels they have become too dangerous.

Boardman said he found road riding in parts of the UK “exhausting” and unpleasant. “False modesty aside, I’m about as competent as it gets and I am constantly doing risk assessments. I’m looking at parked cars, seeing which way wheels are turning, everything that’s going on around me. It’s just exhausting. Whereas if I ride on a track or a trail I don’t have to do that and it’s just more pleasant these days,” he said.

“I’m not interested in cyclists … I’m interested in the people in the cars. Getting them to change, it’s got to be easy, appealing and safe, in that order,” he said, suggesting his success ought to be measured by some sort of “happiness index”. “You have to measure: is this a more pleasant place to be or not?”





Transportation Safety Establishment Finally Starting to Understand Bicycling

Transportation Safety Establishment Finally Starting to Understand Bicycling

“The Governors Highway Safety Association came out with a report last week about how states can reduce cycling fatalities [PDF]. It’s not a revolutionary document, but if you look closely you’ll see signs of progress at one of the big national organs of the transportation safety establishment.”

This is the beginning and it’s a good start.  It is unfortunate that NHTSA still focuses on advising kids (and adults too of course) about obeying traffic laws and wearing a helmet as the best measures against car-related injuries and fatalities.  Onward.